5 things to expect when you fly to Milford Sound

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5 things to expect when you fly to Milford Sound

There’s no denying a trip to Milford Sound is a ‘must do’ if you’re embarking on a journey to New Zealand. When you fly to Milford Sound you get to experience a birds eye view of the spectacular scenery. Often described as the 8th wonder of the world, there’s no shortage of reasons as to why you should see it. Here’s what to expect once you’ve booked your trip from Wanaka to Milford Sound with Southern Alps Air.

5. No cell phone reception

That’s right – Milford Sound is off the grid! You’ll be whisked away on a small airplane, cut off from the pulls of social media – free to fully immerse yourself in the Southern Alps and Milford Sound. Don’t worry, you can still use your phone throughout your flight and cruise as a camera.

4. Expect to be genuinely blown away

When passengers flight from Wanaka to Milford Sound with Southern Alps Air, we can almost always guarantee they will return with their jaws on the ground, having genuinely been blown away by the entire experience. The sheer scale of landscape and the untouched mountains are nothing short of spectacular.

3. A longer flight (than if you depart from Queenstown)

Flying to Milford Sound from Wanaka is an epic adventure, and a longer one if you fly with Southern Alps Air. As Wanaka’s only fixed-wing scenic flight operator, you can expect your flight to be 25 minutes longer than if you choose to fly from Queenstown. That’s a win in our books!

2. Waterfalls & Wildlife

Milford Sound experiences extremely high rainfall and on average has 6,813millimetres (19 feet) worth of rain, yearly. This means when you’re in Milford Sound, you’ll see some of the most spectacular, powerful waterfalls booming from the mountain side alongside thriving flora and fauna. Once you touch down in Milford Sound and board your cruise, there’s a high chance you’ll see seals lazing on rocks and if you’re extra lucky you may encounter a pod of dolphins.

1. Breath taking scenery

We can’t tell you enough, the trip to Milford Sound is truly magical. Southern Alps Air has been operating for 40+ years, and for over two decades have been flying the same journey into Milford Sound. Yet our pilots are still completely in awe of what they get to see every day. You’ll completely understand once you’ve seen it for yourself!