Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Southern Alps Air fleet consists of high-wing aircraft with every passenger guaranteed a window seat. This gives all our passengers the best possible views and photo opportunities on every flight. Head phones are provided for each passenger to listen to the insightful commentary provided by the pilot. 

GA8 Airvan

These are the newest aircraft in the fleet only arriving from Australia in spring 2016. A brand new cabin interior has been fitted with leather seats along with a new eye catching exterior paint job. The Airvan has large bubble windows that provide great views.

Number in fleet: 2
Passengers: 7

Cessna A185F

The original yellow plane that started it all. Used mainly for strip flying into the Siberia Valley and other remote locations. Affectionately known as Buttercup.

Number in fleet: 1
Passengers: 4-5

Cessna U206F

One of the most popular general aviation aircraft, it has flown in every corner of the globe. It is a tried and tested platform that has proven to be very safe to operate.

Number in fleet: 2
Passengers: 5